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San José (Redacción). El volcán Turrialba hizo hoy a las 9:15 a.m. una erupción de ceniza confirmó la Red SismolóMORE ...

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zip line instructions by go adventure park costa rica

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Zip Line Instructions costa rica

Zip line riders riding at dusk

Building a zip line is a relatively easy task, and riding it is even easier. But it’s important to take into consideration certain safety precautions before riding so you don’t get hurt. This is a great project if you have

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older children (12 to 18 years old) or still have the inner child in you. According to the Zip Line Rider website, you can build it yourself, buy a kit or hire a professional zip line installer–all can be done safely and efficiently if you take the proper measures.


  1. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the equipment used in building or putting together a zip line. The zip line trolley is a special kind of pulley with two tandem rollers to move the rider smoothly from one end of the line to the other. A belay glove is a glove that will withstand the friction that often comes along with riding a zip line. The harness holds the rider and connects you to the zip line. A helmet is essential to protect your head in case you hit the ground does viagra reduce sperm count hard in the event of falling. The actual line is most commonly made of a steel cable.
  2. Use

  3. Once the viagra over the counter zip line is assembled–the line securely connected to two opposite locations, the trolley hinged and the harness in place–it’s time to ride. Safely strap yourself into the harness before you attach it to the line. Most harnesses are viagra online detachable and hook onto a rope or wire that connects to the trolley. Then strap yourself onto the line, making sure your footing is secure at the starting point. Double-check your straps and harness to make sure you’re securely strapped in.
  4. Safety

  5. Zip lines, if used improperly, can be deadly. First, your landing zone needs to be soft and padded. According to Zip Line Rider, many injuries on zip lines take place after the ride during landing. Second, your starting platform should have a guard rail so you have something to hold onto and block your fall if you trip. Third, children should always be supervised by an adult. Fourth, all riders–children and adults–should wear proper safety gear (helmet, harness, gloves, goggles, jacket, face buy cialis mask and knee pads). Fifth, inspect your equipment every time you ride. Materials will wear down over time, decreasing in quality and support. Last, do not operate a zip line in bad weather. Rain, snow, sleet and fog are all things that can impair your grip, visibility and eyesight.

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