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Carlos Arguedas C. 09:46 a.m. 21/05/2013

San José (Redacción). El volcán Turrialba hizo hoy a las 9:15 a.m. una erupción de ceniza confirmó la Red SismolóMORE ...

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HELICOPTER TOURS COSTA RICA:Climbing to about 6,000 feet, almost Arenal crater altitute, then we’ll do a 360 degree turn, so you can take amazing picture of the scenic surroundings before is viagra speed returning to ground.

1-THE ELEVATOR 360 TOUR: Approximately 10 minutes flight

Tour 10 min
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Fly towards the active side of the volcano, over beautiful natural lagoons next to the Arenal Lake. See the active side of Arenal volcano, the pristine forest and the Arenal river canyon.
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Tarifas RAC Netos
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3-ARENAL FLYING TOUR: Approximately 25 minutes flight

On our way to Cerro Chato, we’ll see the beautiful natural lakes near viagra samples free by the volcano, also you’ll experience canada pharmacy 24 hr reviews the majestic scenery of the active crater and the Cerro Chato lagoon, and the pristine green forest, that will take your breath away, It’s definitely the ultimate
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